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Pregnancy Humor Delivery: Week 6

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy Humor Delivery: Week 6

Week 6 Comic Pregnancy Humor

Congratulations, Mom-to-Be: You’re currently carrying a big ol’ bundle of raging pregnancy hormones!  Pretty much anything can unleash your anger or tears, from a barista spelling your name wrong (doesn’t matter how many times you spell it out, he always gets it wrong) to a viral video of a parakeet snuggling with a hedgehog (celebrity couple name: hedge-akeet).

Don’t worry, though.  It’s all worth it for your little lentil baby:

Week 6 Lentil Pregnancy Humor

Links to give you a laugh in the midst of your emotional roller coaster ride:

Infographic: the percentage of expectant parents who lie about not having a baby gender preference

Anatomy of a pregnant woman’s brain

Looking on the bright side when pregnancy chin hair attacks


Endometrium: The inner mucous membrane of the mammalian uterus.  At the next party you attend, say that five times fast to impress your fellow guests!


Nine out of ten doctors do not recommend watching The Notebook during pregnancy because it will reduce women to a blubbering mess from which they may not recover.

Ten out of ten doctors, however, do recommend indulging in Ryan Gosling pregnancy porn:

Ryan Gosling Pregnancy Porn


Q: What is a chastity belt?
A: A labor-saving device.

Have a laughter-filled week!

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