8 Weeks: Pregnant Belly Pictures [Photo Gallery]

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Eight weeks, baby!  It’s starting to sink in now, isn’t it?  OMG, I’M HAVING A FREAKIN’ BABY!  As far as your baby is concerned, s/he has webbed fingers and toes poking out from those super-tiny hands and feet, eyelids that almost cover his or her eyes, breathing tubes extending from the throat to the branches of his developing lungs, and a “tail” that has all but disappeared (as attractive as it may have been).   Although you may be dying to know the sex, the external genitals still haven’t developed enough to reveal whether you’re having a boy or a girl.  So, dads, don’t buy that shotgun to ward off male suitors just yet (you can arm yourself, if necessary, in 10 weeks or so). Meanwhile, your baby — about the size of a kidney bean or raspberry — is constantly moving, even if you still can’t feel it.

Oh-so-fun pregnancy symptoms at this juncture may include:

  • Bigger, heavier, sore breasts, as milk-producing lobules in your boobs start to expand.  (Also quite the conversation-starter:  “So… the milk-producing lobules in my boobs are expanding as we speak.  What’s up with you these days?”)
  • Fatigue and/or nausea (yup, still).
  • Early pregnancy cramps — the ligaments in your abdomen are stretching as your uterus expands.  (Yet another fun fact that can serve as an ice-breaker.)
  • Other tummy issues: constipation, indigestion, bloating or heartburn.  (Good times.)
  • A heightened sense of smell.  (A mere whiff of Hubba Bubba once brought us to our knees.  True story.)
  • Weird dreams — get used to them; they’re totally normal throughout pregnancy.  (Same goes with sexual dreams.  Finally — something GOOD about pregnancy!  Besides, you know, the adorable little baby.)

You may also start to notice your body starting to shift, although your bump likely looks less like a baby and more like an extra slice of pizza at this point:


Is that a baby in your belly or are you just bloated to see me?  (Photo published with permission from Flickr)


Eight-weeks-pregnant with her second baby.  Looks like her firstborn is raising his hand to ask, “Um, Mom?  This kid’s not going to be allowed to use my palm tree-shaded pool float, right?  RIGHT?!”  (Photo published with permission from Flickr)


Hey, Mom!  Can you see me?  MY TAIL JUST TOTALLY FELL OFF!  Now how am I supposed to hang from trees?  (Photo published with permission from Flickr)



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