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Compare, Contrast & Admire: A Photo Gallery of Pregnant Bellies


Compare, Contrast & Admire: A Photo Gallery of Pregnant Bellies

Picture gallery of week-by-week baby bumps.

As our pregnant bodies grow and an alien life form seems to take over, we can’t help but wonder:  What do other women’s baby bumps look like?  Are they bigger than mine?  Smaller?  Higher?  Lower?  More cantaloupe-like?  Or maybe less basketball-ish?

Reprinted with permission from Flickr

Reprinted with permission from Flickr

Naturally, we can’t ask other pregnant women to show us their stomachs — that would just be rude — so we do what any curious woman with an Internet connection would do:  stalk and google images of their bumps online.

But I’m too busy to go through all of those freakin’ pictures on the Internet, you say.  I have a life!  Luckily for you, we do not.  That’s right:  we have tracked down some of the best photos of pregnant stomachs, week-by-week, available (with permission, thankyouverymuch) in cyberspace and posted them here for your compare-and-contrast enjoyment.

Check ’em out HERE!


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