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10 Funniest Places Where Pregnant Women’s Water Has Broken

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10 Funniest Places Where Pregnant Women’s Water Has Broken

womans-water-breakingWe’ve all seen it on TV and in the movies — the moment when the pregnant woman’s water oh-so-dramatically breaks in the middle of the most embarrassing place imaginable.  The truth us, only about 10 percent of labors begin with the breaking of the amniotic “water” sac — but out of that 10 percent, some Hollywood-esque funny stories have arisen.  We thought we would collect some for your entertainment…

Top 10 Funniest Places Where Pregnant Women’s Water Has Broken

10.  I know someone whose water broke in the store while she was looking at pickles. When it broke it really gushed and puddled. (She had a dress on.) Anyway, she didn’t want anyone to know it was her water, so she dropped a jar of pickles where the water mess was and left the store.

9.  My water broke in the public swimming pool. No joke. I felt like I had peed because it was so warm. I got out to book it to the bathroom to check things out and I felt a continual gush of warm water the entire way there! My son was born 4 hours later!

8.  Happened in Wal-Mart. Right in the clothes section school shopping for my kids.

7.  Nothing major, but mine broke in bed and my husband was scrambling for a life raft..

6.  Mine broke on my way up the aisle to take communion

5.  I was sitting in my dad’s FAVORITE recliner, which happened to be the ugliest green color that me & my mom both HATED….& my water broke. Ha.  Got to finally throw that ugly chair away!!!

4.  Mine broke in Walgreens. While my Sister was checking out, and it wasn’t a small amount of water either. It was a HUGE amount.

3.  I had been having false labor on and off for 2 weeks with my second son. We went to a wedding, the ceremony was at the church and we were waiting at the near by pub during the gap between the ceremony and the reception. It was my cousin’s wedding so my whole family was there but my husband was playing soccer and he was meeting us later at the reception. I was sitting down at a table when my chair was bumped, I stood up to move my chair and whooosh! My water broke… and what nobody tells you is that it’s not just once, it keeps on going! My poor sister-in-law was sitting at the same table and she only had 1 week left to go in her pregnancy, she looked very stressed! I snuck out the back to the car and was so shocked that it kept breaking and going everywhere the whole way and even at the hospital. At least I was all dressed up and looking beautiful for the birth of my son; the midwife found it even funnier when my husband arrived in his soccer gear! It still sounds so wrong when I say my water broke at the pub!

2.  My water broke in Grand Central Station. I was on my way to work…three weeks before my due date. I looked at the board and took the next train home.

1.  Me. Neighbor’s summer BBQ. 9 months pregnant. Water broke. Now I have an awesome video of my water breaking through a patio chair and splashing all over the deck before flooding the yard.

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