10 Best Things About Being Pregnant at Thanksgiving

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10.  Elastic-waistband maternity pants allow you to eat pumpkin pie in comfort. The ENTIRE pumpkin pie, that is.

9.  The opportunity to show up to Thanksgiving dinner like this:

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8. Or perhaps show support for your favorite football team in a creative fashion:

7.  You have the perfect excuse to not host Thanksgiving dinner:  “Sorry, can’t bend over to open the oven!  Darn.”

6.  Finally — you won’t be the only one gorging on food!

5.  It’s the perfect holiday joke to break out cheesy jokes such as, “This Thanksgiving, I’m carrying my OWN butterball!”  (Ha, haaaa!)

4.  When you feel the urge to take a nap, you can blame it on the tryptophan.

3.  Your belly makes the perfect tray for carrying extra desserts.  And buttered rolls.  And bowls of mashed potatoes.  And…

2.  As the Pregnant Lady, you get first dibs on the bathroom.

1.  You can give thanks that soon you’ll be able to dress your baby in amazing Thanksgiving get-ups:

Yup!  That’s what it’s all about:  crocheted baby turkey hats!



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