9 Creative Pregnancy Announcements

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When I was pregnant, I didn’t really have to announce it.  I would just show up at parties and decline alcoholic drinks and my friends were all, “OMIGOD, YOU’RE PREGNANT!”  Because they knew that’s the only reason I would actually turn down a margarita.

These creative couples, however, have totally raised the bar for pregnancy announcements:

What happens when your dad is a gamer.

A pregnancy announcement courtesy of the Fresh Prince?  All other announcements can go home now.  This fetus has won the Internet.


Tough life for the dad-to-be, I tell ya.


Somewhere, Vanilla Ice is smacking his head: “I should have done that!”


Just the beginning of YEARS of potty talk/humor.


If only they had added non-washable marker scribbles on the wall and food on their clothes.  THEN it would have been a realistic portrayal.


Notice he’s not attempting that in the third trimester.




Their li’l pumpkin.

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