Now THIS Pregnancy Announcement is Viral-Worthy

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Parents-to-be Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg captured their pregnancy announcement on camera — and it’s easy to see why it captured people’s hearts and funny bones!

The backstory: Diesen met Krieg while working as a therapist at a paralysis recovery center in California, where Krieg was rehabbing after a dirt bike crash that paralyzed him from the chest down. The pair fell for each other and, once Krieg finally admitted his feelings for his “cute therapist,” the two realized they were meant to be together. Awwww.

Although they were told their chances of ever getting pregnant where very low, well, SURPRISE!

“Doctors had said it would be nearly impossible to conceive naturally due to Todd’s injury, but here we are, 14 weeks pregnant,” Diesen said on Bride Live Wedding.


“It still works,” indeed!



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