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10 Weeks: Pregnant Belly Pictures [Photo Gallery]


10 Weeks: Pregnant Belly Pictures [Photo Gallery]

Ten weeks, and the baby is barely the size of a kumquat* or a prune** — a little more than an inch or so long, from crown to bottom — and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce.  If you catch your husband ogling you even more than usual these days, it’s probably because you are sporting some impressive cleavage, with your breasts continuing to grow and prep for breastfeeding.  However, you are probably more sidetracked with your stomach, frequently looking down and wondering if people can tell if you’re pregnant.  Well, your belly will probably “pop” soon, as your baby continues her rapid growth and your tummy starts to develop some extra curve.  (“Baby got front!” as Sir Mix-a-Lot might say.)  In the process, your ligaments and muscles are also starting to stretch, so don’t be alarmed if you start feeling some aches and pains.  While some moms-to-be don’t really get them, others find these sensations — called “round ligament pain” — quite painful.   As far as what 10-week baby bumps look like, check out the pics below…

*”‘Kumquat’ also makes a fun baby name!” –Gwyneth Paltrow, Lover of Fruity Baby Names

**Speaking of prunes, you may want to stock up because constipation is also a common pregnancy side effect.  Fun, fun, fun!

“Hey, hon, stop staring at my breasts and take a picture of my bump, would ya?”


“If I stick it out like this, THEN do I look pregnant?!”


Dreaming of her baby prune.  Awwww.


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