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Fall Style Report: Placenta and Breast Milk Accessory Trends

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Fall Style Report: Placenta and Breast Milk Accessory Trends

Placenta and breast milk have made a big SPLASH (see what we did there?) with moms who like to keep a piece of themselves — literally — close to their hearts. From placenta pendants to breast milk lockets, Pregnancy Humor has rounded up the strangest trends spotted on the World Wide Wacky Web.


Breast Milk Jewelry

Once upon a time new moms were afraid of getting breast milk on their shirts — now some wear it proudly in a locket. The two moms who purvey the breast milk jewelry “wouldn’t reveal their recipes for processing the milk, which is covered with a glaze or clear resin after it is plasticized or dehydrated.”

Which is fancy fashion talk for “curdled.”; $18-$38


Custom Preserved Placenta Pendant

When I delivered my afterbirth, I didn’t think to do any more than quickly glance at it sitting in the plastic tub and think, “Wow. That’s big.” (Nothing can really gross you out after hours of people sticking their hands up your nether regions and, you know, pushing a child out of your vagina.)

However, some ladies like to do more than marvel at its impressive size — they actually accessorize with their afterbirth, such as with a placenta-splattered pendant.

The maker explains: “Small bits of your own dehydrated placenta are placed inside jewelry quality resin held in a small sterling silver dish. …If your placenta has been encapsulated, you simply need to send a single full capsule of ground placenta.”; Price varies depending on placenta consistency, of course.


Breast Milk Bracelet

Display your little one’s name next to a bead of breast milk with this admittedly cute Petite Breast Milk Pendant™ Bracelet.

Latch it on your wrist, just as your baby latches on your… well, you know where I’m going with this.; $72


Lotus Birth Placenta Bag

It goes without saying that you can’t carry your afterbirth home in just any ol’ Ziploc — that would be, like, so pedestrian — so be sure to scoop up a fashionable placenta bag!

As the bag creator states: “This bag will comfortably accommodate a new placenta with plenty of room for salt/herbs and absorbent wrappings. Placenta bags are designed as a decorative covering. You will want to ensure your placenta is wrapped in an absorbent cloth before placing it in the placenta bag.”

Remember, Mom: your baby isn’t the only one who needs an adorable take-home outfit. Make sure your placenta goes home in style, too!; $55

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